Know where your loved ones are

No more guesswork. Use advanced mobile tracking technology to locate your friends & family at any time.

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No app, no expensive GPS-devices, and no installation needed. Learn more on how you can get started with Lociloci.

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Unlimited usage

With one Lociloci account you can locate all your friends as often as you like.


Technology award

Lociloci named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden in 2012 by Deloitte.

Get started in 3 simple steps

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1. Register & subscribe

Open an account and subscribe to our monthly plan for just £4.99 per month. No contracts, no hidden fees. Cancel at any time.

2. Activate with PIN

With a valid UK address provided, we'll despatch a letter with first-class delivery to your home. In that letter you will find a unique PIN to use to activate your account for tracking purposes.

3. Add to see your friends

Start adding friends! Enter their name & phone number and an SMS will be despatched to them. By replying back to your SMS, your friend accepts to have his/her phones tracked by you, and you only.

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