Lociloci helps you locate the people you most care about

Lociloci was created to help families manage their daily life. Using modern technology, Lociloci will show where people that mean the most to you are on a map, in real time.

In other words, a way for you to always know where your children, your mum, dad or your friends are at any time. For the technology to work, all you need is access to a computer, and that the friends you want to locate have ordinary mobile phones. That's it!

Lociloci is a fast growing service and is used every day by thousands of families in several countries.

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Give your children some freedom

Imagine the following situation: you let your 8 year old daughter go out exploring the neighborhood on her new bike - leaving you with a slightly worried look on your face. Recognize the situation? With Lociloci you can give her that freedom to roam around while at the same time giving you peace of mind. All that is needed is that she has an ordinary mobile phone with her, and you have access to Lociloci on your phone or computer.

Use Lociloci to give her the freedom while you still feel in control of her whereabouts.

Kids often forget to tell their parents that they stayed with a friend after school instead of going home - with Lociloci you know.

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Say good-bye to the hassle of family logistics

We know that parents use Lociloci to find out where their teenagers are at night. And - a teenage girl once told us that she loved the fact that her mother has stopped calling every five minutes to check on her! Another Lociloci user keeps an eye on his father - who still insist on driving even though he is pushing 90 years...

Who do you want to locate?

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It's nice to know that someone cares

Use Lociloci to show your friends that you care. Check if it's OK to call your best friend - or if she is still in class. Find out who is nearby for lunch. Make your girlfriend feel safer when she works late hours and walks home alone.

Sometimes it's just nice to know that someone you love knows where you are.

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