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1. Register & subscribe

Open an account and subscribe to our monthly plan for just £4.99 per month. No contracts, no hidden fees. Cancel at any time.

2. Activate with PIN

With a valid UK address provided, we'll despatch a letter with first-class delivery to your home. In that letter you will find a unique PIN to use to activate your account for tracking purposes.

3. Add to see your friends

Start adding friends! Enter their name & phone number and an SMS will be despatched to them. By replying back to your SMS, your friend accepts to have his/her phones tracked by you, and you only.

How does it work?

Lociloci has developed a mobile-phone tracking technology which enables you to track mobile phones on the move by receiving data from the closest mobile phone transmission mast. In some cases data is collected via the in-built GPS in smartphones. This technology works with all mobile phones, from modern smartphones to old GSM-phones, without the need for you to download an application or install anything on the device.

With an account you can easily locate all your friends, colleagues and family members.

To see your friends and family members on Lociloci, you must invite them, and they must give their consent. They do this by replying "Lociloci start" to an SMS that they receive. Consent to track a mobile need only be given once.

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How safe and secure is the service?

With Lociloci you can only locate people who have given you their consent via SMS.

In addition to that Lociloci sends SMS reminders with random intervals to all those being located. This is to guard against consumers being located without their knowledge. is a secure site using SSL 256-bit encryption, the highest level of encryption commercially available, to safeguard sensitive data.

Furthermore to ensure security Lociloci never stores any passwords mitigating any unlawful intrusion.

Lociloci works closely with institutions and policy makers in the LBS industry to ensure the service is as secure and safe as possible.

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How accurate is the location?

Lociloci uses cell masts to calculate and locate the whereabouts of a mobile phone. What determines the accuracy is the cell mast density in the area where you are locating. In densely populated areas, like central London, cell masts density is high, where as in rural areas cell mast density is low. In other words, mobile phone accuracy can be as precise as a 100m in central London and as inaccurate as 10 km in rural areas around the UK. With phones with in-built GPS the accuracy can be improved but at the cost of battery life.

To give you a good representation of the accuracy, Lociloci shows a circle depicting the area a person is likely to be found in.

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How much does it cost?

Lociloci is priced at just £4.99 per month. In the subscription service you will be able to locate ALL your friends as OFTEN as you want i.e. unlimited usage. The service works to locate ALL phones and you can access Lociloci via PC/Mac, mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world. There are no other costs other than the subscription fee. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

To be located by a Lociloci user is completely free.

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