See where your children are

Lociloci is a mobile tracking service for parents to locate where their children are via their mobile phones.

See their real-time locations on a interactive map from any computer or web-enabled mobile phone. Bring peace of mind for your entire family.

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It's easy

Lociloci works with most UK operators. No GPS-tracker, no download, and no apps needed. Learn more on how you can get started with Lociloci instantly.

Safe & secure

Privacy is important for us at Lociloci - therefore it is only you who can locate your child.

Unlimited locations

With one Lociloci account you can locate all your family members and as often as you'd like.

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How does it work?

Lociloci has developed a mobile-phone tracking technology which enables you to track mobile phones on the move by receiving data from the closest mobile phone transmission mast. In some cases data is collected via the in-built GPS in smartphones. This technology works with all mobile phones, from smartphones to for example old Nokia phones, without the need for you to download an application or install anything on the device.

With an account you can easily position all your friends, colleagues and family members.

For the service to work you will need to get consent before you can track a mobile phone. Consent is given by sms'ing "Lociloci start" back from mobile phone to be tracked. Consent to track a mobile need only be given once.

Buy for only £4.99/m

Note: Location Services are designed to locate the phone of another person. For the service to work, the phone has to be switched on and within network coverage. Location services aimed at children are intended to complement, not be a substitute for, normal parental supervision. They give information about the location of a child's phone and, in conjunction with other types of communication, such as phoning or texting, can help parents keep in touch with their children.

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