Phone tracking made simple

Lociloci is a phone tracker that makes it possible for you to see where your friends or family are, in real-time, directly via your computer or mobile.

No smartphone, GPS or app required. In addition, it doesn't drain battery life on the phone being located.

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No download, no software, and no battery drain on phone being tracked– it just works! Learn more on how you can get started with Lociloci instantly.

Safe & secure

You only share your location with those you know.

Unlimited locations

Track your friends phones as often as you want, without incurring any tracking costs.

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Mobile phone tracking

What is mobile tracking?

A phone tracking service such as Lociloci helps track the current position of a mobile phone on the move. To protect privacy, for a user to track another phone s/he needs to obtain consent from that person, allowing them to see where they are.

The way the service works, from a technical standpoint, is that for the user to track the friend's phone location the phone needs to emit roaming signals that connect to the closest mobile phone transmission mast providing the location data. This location data is then collected from the telephone operator of the user and continuously transmitted to Lociloci's interface to display the moving positions on an interactive map. It's important to note that for the phone tracker service to work the phone needs to be switched on, however, it does not require that a call is made.

Phone tracking services are designed to help people in their everyday life to answer simple questions that are all from safety-related to just for fun use such as: Where is my friend right now so we can meet up? Have my children arrived to school on time and safely? How much time do I have to prepare dinner before my aunt and uncle arrive? Where is my phone right now? And many, many more.

It's not only private individuals who have use of phone tracking services, it is also construction companies that work in remote locations that require such tracking service to have an overview of where their employees are located. Fleet logistics companies such as taxi fleets also benefit from keeping track of their vehicles' whereabouts. In the end, there are probably as many reasons as there are users.

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