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Already lost your phone? What now?

If you have already lost your phone AND have not activated it with us prior to losing it, please read below.

A lost phone can create quite a lot of trouble for the owner. You not only lose a device which you have invested in. You lose your contacts and any important and sensitive information that you have saved on it. Unfortunately, most phones do not use backup like the newest iPhone models, for instance. Even if you have phone insurance, it will just cover a fraction of the price of the phone, provided that your claim is approved. What do you do then?

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can find your lost phone. Here are just two examples:

Call your phone from another one. This is the most basic thing which you can try. If it is left in a private home, office or even in a public place, someone is likely to pick up and you will be able to arrange the device's retrieval. Try this method irrespective of what the chances of retrieval are.

Send a text message offering a reward to the person who brings the device back. This is how to find a lost phone if you have no other means to locate it. It is true that it will cost you something, but this cost will be just a fraction of the real value of the handset and the information on it.

Prevent losing it next time with Lociloci

Lociloci is an excellent preventive measure which you can take in advance and which is bound to work effectively and be the most cost effective solution in recoving your phone.

"I have lost my phone". You will never have to say these words with desperation. Take advance measures to protect your device and the data on it.

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